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Geomantic Presentation Of Desks

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Position and geomantic omen of Standing Desk placement.

There are advantages and disadvantages in the eight directions where the desk is sitting. Now the advantages and disadvantages are analyzed as follows:

1. Sitting on the West and facing the east: it is advantageous to be enterprising, and can be more careful, confident and optimistic. The disadvantage is that ambition is too ambitious and ambitious.

2. Sitting in the East and facing the west: conducive to the accumulation of wealth, life satisfaction and increase the sense of romance. The disadvantage is that it is easy to be big-handed, inert and provoke peach blossoms.

3. Sitting north to south: conducive to passionate, eye-catching, socially active. The disadvantages are increased pressure, emotional twists and quarrels.

4. Sitting south to north: conducive to maturity and stability, creative potential, independence and autonomy. The disadvantage is that they are widowed, nervous, and their careers tend to be ordinary.

5. Sitting in the northwest and facing the southeast: conducive to enhancing leadership, expanding talents and sense of responsibility, but also enhance honor and credit. The disadvantage is that it is easy to be rigid, self-serving and overtired.

6. Sitting in the southeast and facing the northwest: conducive to increasing leadership, gaining trust and respect. The disadvantage is that we are self-indulgent, arrogant and hypocritical, and interfere with others.

7. Sitting southwest to northeast: conducive to self-improvement, clear goals and hard work. The disadvantages are greed, selfishness, excessive tension and recklessness.

8. Sitting in the northeast to southwest: conducive to family harmony, cost savings, help from noble people. The disadvantage is dependence on others, both ends of the head rat, excessive stinginess.

In addition to the above 20 points for attention, the office desk should be placed to pay attention to three geomantic omen matters:

First, we should pay attention to the people sitting behind the desk to have wall-like support. There can be no excess void. Mainly in order to sit at the desk for business dealers, reduce the emptiness and unrealistic feeling from behind, increase reliability.

2. Attention should be paid not to put the desk in front of the door; the main purpose is to make leaders less vulnerable to outside noise interference and peeps.

3. There should be a relatively wide space in front of the desk. According to geomantic omen, it is a lively area, which can broaden people's mind.

In addition to the location and precautions, we also need to choose a reasonable desk. Nowadays, the quality of desks is generally based on wood, but if you use wooden desks for people who are physically abstained from wood, there will be bad things. We can choose a desk that is good for us according to our own philosophical preferences. If there are few quality choices, we can make use of and remedy them in terms of color and style.

Five elements of color:

The color of fire: red, purple.

The color of the soil: yellow, coffee, brown and brown.

Colour of metal: white, gold and silver.

Water color: black, blue, grey.

The color of genus wood: green, green and emerald.

That is to say, people who like fire can choose a jujube red desk, people who like water can choose a dark blue desk, and so on.

Also, if the viscera of the body is uncomfortable, it can be made up by color. For example: some people because of the relationship between work, often pay, drinking is a frequent thing, in the long run, the liver will not stand, often hidden pain. We can choose a green wooden desk to fill the five elements of the liver. Some people have bad kidneys. They can choose the color of water to nourish the five elements of kidney. If the heart is not good, choose the five elements of fire. If the intestines and stomach are not good, choose the five elements belonging to the soil. Lung is not good, choose five elements of gold. In this way, we not only have a comfortable?Standing Desk?in our work, but also adjust our body invisibly.


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