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Future office scene trends and products

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Nowadays, the office is not just a place for employees to work collectively, it has already carried more requirements and functions. Similarly, office design is no longer a simple combination of office products + space planning, but more reflects the culture and organizational structure of an enterprise.


For every employee, it is a place for inspiration and creation every day. So how can it be.

When we rack our brains to find ideas, our thoughts are always interrupted by the voices of our colleagues calling or discussing. But creativity often sparks in discussions.

Jobs believes that when people meet unexpectedly, they will receive unexpected results. When he was the CEO of Pixar, he personally designed a huge open office and diversified single rooms to choose from.

Therefore, it is very important that an office design that combines privacy and openness provides an environment for thinking and innovation.

At ORGATEC, the International Office Furniture Fair in Cologne, Germany, we saw the trend of future office work! To be sure, the era of "deskless office" is not far away~

For designers and brands, the development of mobile technology means that people no longer need to sit at traditional desks-sofas with integrated functions can also do the work.

“Fixed desks and dining spaces in the office have the same fate-both are facing disappearance.” Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, designers of two-person modular seating systems for Swiss furniture brand Vitra, said. "With mobile technology, you only need a place to work where you can sit down occasionally and feel comfortable."

Launching a customized seating system with a designer. The head of the Swedish brand Blå Stationby said bluntly: "The desk is dead", "You don't have to tie you to the desk at work, and the meeting doesn't need a meeting room."

As the person in charge of Danish Design Brand + Halle said, "Design should be based on the study of behavior and habits, and improving experience should be the purpose of design."

British design group Barber & Osgerby designed and developed the Soft Work modular seating system for the Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra. Taking into account the ever-changing work scene requirements, it is designed as a sofa structure that can be used as a workbench. The swivel table and power socket located between the seat cushions can realize a variety of seat and workbench configurations. The high backrest can also be used to divide areas and create semi-private areas.


The Torno series of tables and chairs designed by the Swedish design studio Form Us With Love for the Danish brand +Halle hopes to break the existing boundaries. It is not just a regular table and chair, but a piece of furniture that can open conversations in various free ways in the workplace when people are meeting, resting, creating and working. It is also lightweight and can quickly create an informal meeting space.

A good office space allows employees to maintain a certain rhythm between group and individual thinking, and switch between independence and openness at will. Enjoying office work, making going to work a pleasure is the soft power of an enterprise!

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