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Five Precautions for Purchasing an Electric Standing Desk

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Five precautions for purchasing an electric standing desk

Most of the friends who choose the standing desk are uncomfortable because of long-term sitting for office and study. I want to improve the office and learning environment through the lifting table. Needless to say, there are many introductions on the Internet, and the lifting table is not only Simple lifting function, it changes our office habits, using sitting and standing alternate office to promote blood circulation, relieve sedentary fatigue, can also improve concentration to a certain extent, improve office efficiency; not only adults can use, put It can also be used by children at home, which truly meets the needs of users in different scenarios without age groups.So what should you pay attention to when buying a lifting table, let us take a look!


1. Stability and load-bearing capacity

The stability of the standing desk is the first issue to be considered. It should not be shaken obviously when in use. Secondly, the load-bearing capacity is also very important. The load-bearing size depends on the load of the push rod. Generally, the load-bearing capacity of the electric lift table will be more than 60KG , Choose according to the situation of placing objects on your desktop before buying.

2. Lifting range and speed

The lifting range of an electric standing desk is related to the number of lifting column sections. It can generally cover the range of 60cm-130cm, and the lifting speed is generally 25mm/s-50mm/s. I think this speed has little effect, from the lowest height to the highest height. Just a few seconds, just stand up and stretch yourself.Pay attention to the height of the lift, the highest position, the lowest position, and choose the appropriate lift height range according to the user group and the use scene. If the height requirements are relatively high, you should also pay attention to the lifting gap. If the gap is small, the lifting distance is short each time, you can choose the most suitable height.


3. Noise control

The noise generated by the table in the lifting process should not be too large. Major manufacturers have done a good job in this regard. The noise can basically be controlled below 50db, which will not have much impact.

4. Interactive mode

Different manufacturers have slightly different designs in the lifting operation methods. There are mainly four methods: buttons, touches, knobs and picks. It is difficult to say which one is good or which is not good. Just use it by yourself. In the actual experience, the knob The style and the paddle style are more conducive to blind exercises. You can control the height of the table at will by pulling up and down. It can be regarded as a humanized design without deliberately looking at it. Of course, many lifting tables also provide APP control methods, which are more intelligent.


5. Additional functions

In addition to the core lifting functions, electric standing desk generally design some more intimate auxiliary functions, which are also the differences between manufacturers. It is also a strength to make users more convenient and more user-friendly through some simple functions, such as timing. The reminder function will remind the user that it is time to stand up at intervals to achieve the effect of standing and sitting alternately. Some lifting tables will be equipped with wireless chargers/cable management boxes to make the desktop cleaner and more convenient for charging. You can also control the lifting through the APP The function of the table and so on.

If you have back pain due to long-term sitting, you must not drag it. It is best to prevent it as soon as possible. Don’t damage your body due to long hours of work. It is necessary to take protective measures for your body.

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