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Farewell party for company partners before production

Views: 1389     Author: Fairy Jo     Publish Time: 2022-03-04      Origin: Site

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      Shaoxing naite drive technology co.,ltd is a company with very humane care. The company has a very good security and welfare system, so that every employee feels at home when working in the company.



       The company has prepared a very grand welcome and celebration ceremony for expectant mothers. Department leaders and colleagues also feel very happy and happy for expectant mothers. After the mother-to-be attended the ceremony, she was ready to go home and give birth. This vacation may last for half a year. As a woman, childbirth is also a major event in life. The company will also provide a more comfortable system for female partners.




      Finally,  wish the mother-to-be to have a healthy and beautiful baby, waiting for the day when she returns, and everyone starts to work together again.




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