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Ergonomics & Wellness

Make a move to a stronger, healthier you

Staying comfortable as you work starts with ergonomics. It can get complex fast, which is why we simplify it with tools and resources to help you find your best fit, embrace the 
feel-goodness and make your move to a stronger, healthier you.
As a movement company, we get that ergonomics is widely known, but narrowly understood. 
That’s why we’re sharing insights on key topics in ergonomics to help you move forward.

Ergonomics Made Easy

  • Neutral Posture
    Incorporate movement into computing routine
    This relieves posture fatigue, it’s like pushing the reset button… 
    Great for ergonomics and general wellness. Moving from one posture to the next—especially sitting to standing—helps prevent the cumulative hazards of poor posture and too much sitting while improving circulation, calorie-burn and insulin management.
  • Rest Time
    Take brief and frequent breaks
    Standing up can be a recuperative posture after sitting a while… 
    This allows your body to rest and recuperate. But don’t assume that rest means sitting! It’s actually a break from whatever posture you’ve been holding. Taking breaks at regular intervals and adding occasional stretching is a great way to relax your eyes, wrists and body.
  • Reasonable Price
    More than 10 precision production line, easy to realize large quantities of goods, to provide you with the best price.

The Dangers of Excess Sitting

Scientific research surrounding the impacts of excessive sitting and the benefits of standing more is conclusive. 
These infographics bring together facts you should know.

12 Hours

12 hours is the amount of time the average person is sitting (aka sedentary) per day.

4th Leading

The 4th leading risk factor for global mortality is physical inactivity.

3.2 Million

3.2 million deaths a year are related to physical inactivity globally.

The Business Case for Sit-Stand Workstations

Adding light-intensity physical activity during the workday—like intermittent standing—is a cost-effective and strategic investment. Movement doesn’t have to take individuals away from their work. Organizations can incorporate movement with sit-stand desks.

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