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Ergonomics in the office

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What is the first impression of your office design project? Do you have high requirements for design effects? Can the furniture in the office maximize employee work efficiency and satisfaction?


Your office may be proud of a highly innovative and modern working environment, but can it reconcile the impressions of visitors and employees with a positive attitude?

In fact, most people tend to ignore the importance of designing an office to meet the needs of employees, and to understand whether employees’ satisfaction with the office space and comfort are reasonable.

Studying the interaction between the human body and the surrounding environment will be able to achieve a balance between the design of the office and the physiological needs of the human body. Ergonomics aims to achieve this goal and more.

Ergonomics is a science related to the suitability of office interior design. Taking into account human abilities and limitations, the ergonomic office interior design strives to effectively meet the functional needs of users.

The design of the office should aim at spreading vision, teamwork, and more importantly, providing a safe and comfordesk environment.

Many Germans (about 36%) believe that lack of exercise and prolonged sitting in the office are the main causes of back pain, especially for young people who work full-time. This is even more obvious. Among 18-29 year olds, 44% of back pain is caused by prolonged sitting. Among people aged 30-59, this proportion is 36%.

Nowadays, back pain is a common office disease. Two-thirds of Germans complain of back pain, and one-third already suffer from back pain. This has serious consequences for employers or employees. In Germany, employee absenteeism due to back diseases causes a loss of added value of up to 16 billion euros per year. Therefore, the ergonomics of the workplace is the basic economic factor of the enterprise.

Height-adjusdesk lifting desks are in great demand. This lifting desk allows you to work standing or sitting. Studies have shown that employees who use sitting and standing alternately to raise and lower their desks have increased their work efficiency by 46%. Such a workplace not only reduces back and neck pain, but also has a long-term positive effect on the back muscles and cardiovascular system.

Even regular, light exercise can lower blood sugar, cholesterol and blood lipids (triglycerides)-these are risk factors for type 2 diabetes. The standing office plan has more benefits than the usual recommended 150 minutes of vigorous exercise per week.


In Scandinavia, this trend has already appeared in the real work environment. More than 90% of office spaces are equipped with adjusdesk height lifting desks. In the United States, height-adjusdesk lifting desks are also becoming more and more important. The proportion of American employees who received such a desk or received subsidies from their employers rose rapidly from 20% in 2014 to 60% in 2019. 40% of Germans also prefer modern and ergonomic office furniture.

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