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Elements of post-pandemic office reconstruction in European and American countries

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The epidemic has led to a higher proportion of people working from home, and the duration will be longer. Therefore, enterprises should rethink the situation, face the current unfinished epidemic and respond more flexibly to the uncertain development of the epidemic in the future. approach” and what “office physical space” means at work. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the important role of the office was to increase productivity, build the core culture of the enterprise, and attract more potential talents. Therefore, many powerful large enterprises are eager to build their core headquarters in the suburbs of the city. Through highly concentrated buildings or even park-style headquarters, the employees of the enterprise are concentrated together, in order to provide more competitive high-tech equipment to improve work. Collaboration where efficiency and creativity occur; at the same time, it can better provide a large number of high-quality benefits, such as: various fitness facilities, rich restaurant services, high-quality meeting spaces, and more.

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1.Rethinking the role of the office.

These people who have been working from home for a long time during the epidemic, have found that convenient and high-quality online video conferencing and collaborative work platforms have provided their work with superior performance beyond expectations. Among the above-mentioned home office crowd, 80% of the respondents said they are very happy to work from home, and 41% of the respondents believe that the efficiency of working from home is even higher than that of working in the office. And 28% of respondents believe that at least the same efficiency has been maintained. At the same time, the epidemic prevention policies of European and American countries have resulted in a large number of infected people, and therefore, when employers begin to let employees return to the office, they need to think more about how to reconstruct their office lifestyle through design, Better to face such an uncertain future. In particular, enterprises have fully affirmed the effective support of today's high-quality video work platforms for distributed work, and after nearly two years of actual verification, some more forward-thinking enterprises have begun to think about redesign and reconstruction. Its own organization is distributed and managed, for example, the various branches of the enterprise can be designed to be scattered in more areas of the city. Due to the impact of the epidemic, more young talents choose closer job opportunities instead of long-distance transportation to fight for an opportunity. Therefore, by re-optimizing the design of the company's workflow and team collaboration, combined with the online video platform, the team can still maintain a high-efficiency collaboration method in a dispersed office. Therefore, for some European and American business owners, a possible change in the definition of the role of office physical space is to reconstruct a kind of physical dispersal for highly centralized enterprises according to different organizational roles and functions, and management collaboration through new Process methods and high-quality video platforms for the same close collaboration.

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2. Reconstructing the office process through design, so that more work processes can be completed remotely and   efficiently. 

Although some companies believe that even if they work remotely and decentralized, they can still efficiently complete   each   other's collaboration, while other companies find that it is not easy to If the workflow is moved online, it can be   smoothly switched  to remote collaboration. Therefore, after these companies return to the office, they are still rethinking   and designing their work processes, so that more work processes can be switched between physical distance collaboration   and online digital collaboration at any time. The advantage of this is that it will also be of great help to the future corporate office decentralization strategy.

3. Redesign office space to meet future organizational changes 

As mentioned earlier, more companies can reconsider providing employees with a closer office space; at the same time,   optimize more workflows to easily collaborate and collaborate in physical proximity. Switching between remote   collaborations and maintaining the same high efficiency; therefore, these refactoring elements also drive the rethinking of     the interior planning of the office space.

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