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Electric lifting desk accessories require professional installation

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The electric lift desk is inseparable from our work and study. If our desk is missing one accessory, we should also choose a professional person to install it. Electric lifting desk accessories go to choose the manufacturer we purchased to provide us.


If our desk is purchased from a regular manufacturer, or we purchased it online and we have used it for a long time, some accessories will be aging. At this time, we should replace the accessories in time, so we choose to communicate with their manufacturers if there are any accessories for this desk.

Although we don't know how to choose to purchase electric lifting desk accessories, we can also consult relevant industry insiders, which will help us to make better choices. Some different manufacturers will go through strict checks when they produce desks.

Regardless of the quality of the desk, there will be some aging or bad phenomena after long-term use. At this time, we should promptly replace the accessories and communicate with the manufacturer's after-sales service personnel. They will match accessories according to the model of our desk.

Or we can also go online to purchase model accessories for our own desk. There are also official websites of some large brands of electric lifting desk accessories on the website. And the accessories they sell are all desks of different models. We can also consult if there are any accessories for our desk, and then choose to buy.

Only in this way can we make better use of our desks. If we are still not very clear about the desk, we can also consult the relevant industry insiders when choosing and purchasing accessories, and they will provide us with some good suggestions.

The installation of the lifting desk frame mainly refers to the two parts of the elevator and the platform. The full combination of the two can maximize the use of the indoor space, and the installation method is relatively simple. Generally there are two types of elevators: manual and electric. The manual lift uses the rotation of the center handle as the lifting method. The center lifting column is made of aluminum alloy and a variety of wood grain board materials. The electric elevator is driven by electricity and combines two lifting methods at the same time, one is wireless remote control, and the other is switch lifting.

Before installing the lifting desk frame, determine the outline size and position of the desktop. Generally, the best size is about 70 cm. Then determine the height of the platform, that is, the thickness of the bottom plate, elevator, desktop board, and tatami, and then make the platform.


When installing, pay attention to leaving some holes between the desktop and the box to reduce the friction between the desktop and the box, which will affect the usage. The mounting position of the rails of the lifting desk frame should be such that the desk top is level with the floor box, and the desk top is 3 cm thick. Then open a hole in the center of the desktop to install the handle. 

Make sure that the bottom of the platform box is level and flat, and fix the lower base of the elevator to the center of the bottom. Fix the upper mounting seat of the elevator to the center of the lower part of the desk top, and the lifting desk frame is basically installed.

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