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Development and Classification of Lifting Desk

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Desks are commonly used furniture for people to work and study, but sitting at the desks for a long time will inevitably feel tired when working and studying. In this regard, people began to research and invent a lifting desk, which can adjust the height according to whether people are sitting or standing, which is beneficial to reduce people's fatigue from work and study. Next, I will lead everyone to get to know the lifting desk and understand its development and classification.


The desk can be raised and lowered by lifting the desk. People can use it to work either standing or sitting. The evolutionary process of humans has experienced walking on all fours to walking upright. After investigating the history of the development of furniture in the world, researchers found that after walking upright, humans found that sitting down is beneficial to reduce fatigue in daily activities, and thus invented the seat.

This way of sitting and working was passed down. But as people spend more and more time sitting in office, people gradually realize that sitting for a long time is not conducive to the improvement of work efficiency. People began to try to do alternate office work, and gradually lift desks appeared.

Automatic lifting desk

Automatic lifting desks are generally powered by electricity, and the height of the lifting desks can be adjusted by the motor control mechanism. The height of the lifting desks can also be adjusted by controlling the air pressure rod or hydraulic rod by the compressor.

Advantages: low power consumption, stable and beautiful style, large lifting range. This type of table has single-column and double-column forms, and there are two types of lifting methods: remote control and manual control. This concept has become popular abroad, and there are also professional domestic manufacturers that produce and develop patented products.

The main lifting of the automatic lifting table depends on the electric lifting system, and the quality of the lifting system determines its service life. Because the lifting system is a mature industry, the quality of the manufacturers will not have quality problems. It is currently used by most office staff in foreign companies and cities.

Non-automatic lifting desk

The non-automatic lifting desk is a simplification of the automatic lifting desk. It eliminates the need for motors or compressors, and adjusts mechanical devices, hydraulic rods, and pneumatic rods by manpower.

Advantages: low price, no electricity and no oil


For students, lifting desks can prevent myopia, protect the cervical spine, and relieve fatigue. For office workers, lifting desks can relax the body and improve work efficiency. Lifting desks have brought great convenience and help to our lives. Consumers must carefully choose when choosing lifting desks, and it is best to choose them according to their own needs. Of course, everyone should read the instructions carefully before use, so as to achieve the desired effect.

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