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Create An Efficient And Healthy Office Environment From Seven Aspects(Ⅱ)

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Create An Efficient And Healthy Office Environment From Seven Aspects

4. Light

It's easy for most people to ignore this. The ancients worked at sunrise and rested at sunset, following the circadian rhythm. But now, especially in the first tier cities, people often work late. The interference of light on human circadian rhythm can be reduced through lighting design. In addition to conventional items such as illuminance and brightness, it should be ensured that 75% of the space can receive more natural light in terms of natural lighting, because natural light can keep people happy and improve work efficiency. Administrators should pay attention to avoid glare when designing office stations. Most people only pay attention to the glare of lamps and ignore the natural glare. Within 4.5 meters from the window, the placement angle of all computer screens should be within 20 degrees perpendicular to the window plane to reduce glare. Moreover, the color temperature and brightness of light are different from morning to night, which will affect the body clock, our mood and work efficiency. Therefore, we also advocate that some lights reflecting day and night lighting can be installed in the office space.


5. Bodybuilding

Cultivate employees' positive and healthy lifestyle and truly integrate sports and health into their daily life. Our environment is changing and our way of life is also changing. Now, everyone's work intensity is very high. Working for a long time makes the body structure of the human body in an unhealthy posture. Coupled with the lack of physical exercise, the human body can not get a good stretch and relaxation. The harm of sedentary is very great. Even if we keep exercising every day, without changing the sedentary habit, it still causes a great burden on the body. In the selection of office desk, the standing desks has a significant effect on improving the sedentary problem of employees. The lifting table will not only improve work efficiency, but also maintain good health.Qualified companies set up gyms indoors or cooperate with some fitness institutions outside. In the allocation of fitness equipment, the combination of aerobic equipment and anaerobic equipment should be achieved. The number can be configured according to the number of employees, but there is at least one kind of aerobic and anaerobic equipment. Aerobic equipment can be equipped with treadmill and elliptical machine; In terms of anaerobic equipment, you can be equipped with a squat exercise frame or a dumbbell for bench press, etc. In addition, we can also advocate that we should take the stairs, which is a very simple and effective exercise method. The administration can design a label in the elevator hall to suggest that we take the stairs, or arrange more novel decorative paintings or graffiti in the stairwell. You can also make some sports incentive plans. For example, provide employees with sports travel tools and provide subsidies for sharing bicycles.

6. Comfort

The research points out that higher or lower temperature will lead to lower performance; If you are in a noisy environment, your performance will also decline. In terms of thermal comfort, we advocate independent thermal comfort. Everyone can automatically adjust the thermal comfort environment of their space. Qualified administrative personnel can provide you with independent fans and independent heaters. In terms of ergonomics, it is suggested that the administrative staff can provide employees with ergonomic office tables and chairs, that is, tables and chairs that can be raised and lowered. When employees feel tired, they can stand up and work to relieve fatigue. At the same time, it is equipped with a bracket with a computer screen, so that the picture we just saw will not be presented at work. The whole person lies on the desk, and the cervical spine and lumbar spine are not in line with ergonomics.

7. Spirit

In fact, Health is not only physical, but also mental health. Providing employees with a physical environment that helps them optimize their cognitive and emotional health management will be a space for some companies to further improve. For example, make the whole construction process information transparent. In this way, employees know the materials used and so on. They not only understand from the data that they are in a healthy environment. In addition, being close to nature can make you feel happy. Introducing green plants, works of art and other elements into the office will show higher concentration even if employees can see the greening of the roof instead of concrete after a short rest of 40 seconds.


More and more enterprises are providing employees with a healthy environment. The investment in environmental health can bring higher survival efficiency and brand premium. In these standards, we can clearly see the intention, care and professionalism of an enterprise in the office environment and employee service. Some of them invest a lot. In fact, some of them only need to pay more attention: for example, labeling nutrients, adjusting the angle of computer screen and window, guiding everyone to take stairs, exercising, enhancing the amount of green plants, etc.

Finally, I hope everyone has a healthy body and a fuller mental state to pursue the life you want!

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