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Create An Efficient And Healthy Office Environment From Seven Aspects(Ⅰ)

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"Health" is undoubtedly everyone's most concerned problem, which is more valuable than wealth and power. For enterprises, the health of employees is equally important. Employees' energetic brain and body can create greater wealth for enterprises.

According to the Research Report of the World Health Organization and the Centers for disease control, it is decided that human health (genes) accounts for only 10%, while (living environment) accounts for more than 60%. A study in the United States found that human beings spend an average of 90% of their time indoors. For office workers, they spend a lot of time in the company every day.

Many job seekers include the "office environment" into the consideration indicators of selecting companies. Therefore, how should enterprises provide employees with a healthier office environment? Excluding the influence of "brand" and "culture", what basic indicators can measure the advantages and disadvantages of the office environment?


  1. Air

People can maintain a few days without eating or drinking, but they can't even do it for a few minutes without breathing. For the control of air quality, it is suggested to ensure from the source: check the materials. In addition, strictly control non-volatile gas pollution. At the same time, there is strict construction process management in the construction process to reduce pollution. Finally, ensure that the space is in a standard state through ventilation, filtration and maintenance. The investigation report of the world green building committee and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency shows that the concentration of some pollutants is more serious indoors than outdoors. Improving air quality can significantly improve work efficiency. Most of the sources of indoor air quality problems are insufficient ventilation, followed by building internal pollution. The indoor air quality can be greatly improved by increasing the fresh air volume, and the pollution inside the building can be greatly reduced through the selection of materials and construction management control.


Some research reports point out that many people are in a state of micro dehydration, which will affect their concentration. But in fact, in addition to drinking water, administrators should pay attention to other water for different purposes and their corresponding water quality standards. The decline of water quality has become a global concern. In the water exposed to human body, Escherichia coli, inorganic pollutants, organic pollutants, public water additives and chlorine need to be controlled within a certain range. In terms of chlorine content, we all know that chlorine is used in tap water to keep it clean, but excessive chlorine addition will affect human health.


3. Nutrition

There is a Chinese saying that disease comes from the mouth, so healthy food is very important. The proportion of allergies in Chinese people is very high. When providing public diet and preparing snacks, considerate administrators can pay attention to labeling allergens. There are nine allergens, including shellfish, fish, soybeans, milk, peanuts, eggs, nuts, wheat, etc. At the same time, in the office, the nutritional components of some foods can be marked, including sugar, fat, calories, etc., so that employees can make choices and avoid eating unhealthy foods. The sugar content in each bottle of beverage should not exceed 30g. Excessive intake of sugar is very harmful to health. Sweetness is natural. It's enough to absorb the sugar contained in the food itself. Reports show that unhealthy food may lead to a decline in work efficiency, and eating more fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of depression. At least 50% of the food provided by the administration to employees and the food options are fruits and non fried vegetables. If some companies can provide cafeteria, our executives can pay attention to it. We must put the salad in the most eye-catching position.

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