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Commonly used computer sitting injury body, how to solve

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With the rapid development of the Internet, the network and people's life is more and more inseparable, then more and more people are tied in front of the computer. Maybe you're a photographer and spend a lot of time doing post work. Perhaps you are a senior player, hard training a moment also dare not delay; Maybe you're a yard farmer, plowing every inch of land with a bald head. For the sake of efficiency, Chinese food has become instant noodles and fragrant tea has become cola. Even though 25 hours a day is not enough, how can we care about health?

Sitting for a long time every day makes the lumbar spine has been under pressure, and the head forward also increases the burden of the cervical spine. Do you feel waist pain and neck numbness before going to bed every day? But the bad news isn't all that bad. Prolonged rigidity can affect circulation, leading to conditions such as hemorrhoids and a lack of blood flow to the brain. In severe cases, it can change the way the heart works, leading to the onset of heart failure. In fact, it is very simple to relieve the pain, as long as you change your position often, let the blood circulation more open.


The table top of Nate electric standing computer table can be easily lifted and adjusted for the sedentary crowd in front of the computer. Through the desktop lifting to change the sitting position, or in the sitting position and standing between the conversion, so that the burden of cervical spine lumbar spine can be reduced, relieve the discomfort caused by sedentary, and for the rapid growth of children, there is no need to change the desk frequently

Desktop lifting and 4 memory mode can be stored, according to personal habits can be lifted to memory height, without frequent adjustment.

Desktop height range from 700mm to 1200mm, can meet the needs of children from learning to adult standing. In the process of lifting, there is a backoff function when encountering obstacles, the motor will stop working to protect the obstructed items from being damaged.


The ratio of the table frame to the table leg is obtained through many trials, even if the heavy will not roll over. And the table quality is larger, the motor performance is good, the table lifting process is smooth, the water in the cup has no ripples, stability can be seen.

This desk is perfect for people who spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer. It keeps you sitting in the right position, keeps your spine in alignment and keeps your neck from being overloaded. If sitting tired, can also change into standing posture to continue to work, a few days down cervical spine pain and numbness symptoms have been improved, especially for the growth of children, the correct sitting will affect the future development, choose a good table will not suffer.

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