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Cleaning and maintenance of various office chairs

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Common office chairs are made of: PU, mesh, leather, cloth, solid wood, plastic, etc. So today, let's take these materials as examples to talk about how to clean and maintain the chairs we sit on every day.


PU material is a synthetic artificial leather material. The quality of PU leather is also good or bad, and good PU leather is even more expensive than genuine leather. Its material characteristics include good wear resistance, long service life, and high mechanical strength. Generally speaking, the armrest of the seat is made of pu material, which is beautiful in appearance and easy to take care of.

PU and mesh office chairs: In the cleaning process, generally use a wet towel to gently wipe, and most of the stains can be removed. If necessary, leather cleaner or leather brightener can be used to make the pu material more shiny and durable. For the mesh part, it can be cleaned with a brush and detergent. The material of this mesh is wear-resistant and air-drying faster.

Compared with ordinary fabrics and cotton, the leather of the leather chair is not easy to stain. It is only a little bit of dust if you haven't been sitting for a long time. Wiping with detergent can immediately remove stains and give the seat a new look. For the leather office chair that you just bought, apply a protective film on the office chair with maintenance wax.

In summer, the back of the user is prone to sweat, but do not scrub with water. Generally, the protective film can prevent sweat and mud from entering the epidermis of the leather office chair. The maintenance time is generally once a month. For the summer season when sweating is easy, you can maintain it once a week.

The cleaning of cloth office chairs is to spray detergent and wipe gently. If it is particularly dirty, it can be cleaned with warm water and detergent.

Don't rub it with a brush, otherwise the fabric will become old and reduce the service life.

Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the solid wood office chairs. Depending on the difficulty of the stain, you can use a cleaning agent as appropriate. It should be noted that do not use a wet cloth to wipe, and do not expose it to direct sunlight, otherwise it will cause the wood to crack and rot and reduce the service life.

Plastic office chairs will be charged with static electricity in winter, especially in the north due to the material, which will make the chair easy to absorb dust and dirt. It can be cleaned by using detergent, or soda ash and detergent can also be used to clean stains.


Finally, the cleaning and maintenance methods are different for different types of office chairs. I hope that the above introduction can reduce some unnecessary troubles in everyone's life.

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