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Children's Day is on June 1, 2021

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The city is more and more prosperous, innocence, unbridled seems to have become a long-lost words, we urgently need to cure, return to that carefree childlike age, do a profusion of colorful dream, touch the heart of the softest depths...... The annual adult Children's Day dream trip, the annual children's day adults also crazy.

Childhood game

Childhood game

Childhood game

Childhood game

A large warm party to recall childhood, wash the soul and heal the collective

Dedicated to the dream, love, busy, rushing city guests

Memories of growth, light pain and pure beauty

Pure natural, no scheming, smoke like a dream of the past

Go crazy with nasty pranks

A monstrous monster

Candy for your best friend

Love letters that were never sent

Where did they go

100 people's childhood party, let's listen to familiar childhood songs

Play familiar games from years ago

Eat candy pictures and marshmallows

Reminisce about childhood adventures

Maybe after this party

Will allow you to retain the best qualities of your childhood:

Always curious, still simple, never artificial, clear eyes, occasionally sell cute, heart kind

In this special day to pay tribute to childhood

To heal. To have a happy future every day!

For children: our youth, your childhood! For parents: our childhood, your youth!

We have already grown up, although not children's day for many years, but the childhood dream we will never forget.

Childhood snacks

Childhood snacks

Childhood snacks

Childhood snacks

Childhood is still fun when we don't know what Lego, Thomas, etc. Let's relive the games we were addicted to when we were kids.

Children's Day group to build activities to let small partners through time, find that carefree era!

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