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Check out some trendy TV wall designs

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A variety of TV wall designs, while pursuing the overall comfort of the space, also maintain a high-end atmosphere and high-end design. Not as rigid as a traditional TV wall.


Composing the TV looks really good, especially if you also manage to hide all the cables and wires, so the TV looks more like a decoration than an electronic device. This loft designed by Studio Verve has this beautiful wood treatment on the walls, leaving a blank area around the TV, exposing the concrete wall behind it.

Remember those old-fashioned black-and-white TVs hidden in cabinets crowded? Well, this is basically a modern version of that version. The TV is not actually hidden here, but is framed by a custom-made locker. Many shelves and lockers are hidden behind the door of the custom-made unit. This is a work designed by Studior Sigmar for an apartment in London.

Similarly, another idea is to place open shelves around the TV, like a frame. You can also add some closed storage cabinets for comparison. In this way, you can maximize the use of storage space and fill the TV wall in a practical and beautiful way.


Put the TV above the fireplace, this design is usually used more abroad. Of course, if your home has a living room fireplace, you can use the living room fireplace and place the TV above the fireplace. In most cases, it is not so perfect. This leaves more space on the wall around the fireplace for storage or decoration.

If the TV cannot be placed above the fireplace for various reasons, another option is to place the TV next to or aligned with the fireplace. If you have an idea, you can link these two elements visually. For example, in the case in the picture, the light strip is used to decorate the feeling of future technology.

Don't you like to keep the TV in front of you? You can choose to hide it when not in use. This can be a good way to avoid distractions when you want to focus on other things, and also a way to create a clean and comfortable decoration.

There are many different ways to install the TV without having to be on the wall. A particularly interesting idea is to integrate the TV into a kind of room isolation, which can be part of the wall or some other location.

For bedrooms, a fairly common problem is that the bed is too far away from the TV wall. The design of the pop-up TV is mainly to integrate a TV stand at the foot of the bed, and install the TV on the shelf. When in use, the TV pops out of the bed frame. This also solves the problem of not having a solid wall to place the TV.

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