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Characteristics and Standards of Standing Desk

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Characteristics and Standards of Standing Desk

In the 21st century, with the rapid development of science and technology and the Internet in the world, more and more people are required to sit in front of office computers, and office workers need to stay at their desks for longer and longer. Since 2000, in just 20 years, more than 10000 scientific documents have been published all over the world, involving the harm caused by sedentary to the human body. Health experts came to a conclusion: sitting for a long time is even more harmful to human health than smoking.

Since the first standing desk was born in 1998, so far, tens of millions of office workers of well-known brands all over the world are using desks equipped with lifting systems.

The innovation of desk not only occupies the market more, but also better ensures the health of users. As far as the standing desk is concerned, it is also a favorite office product today. Therefore, we will briefly introduce the characteristics and standards of this standing desk.

office desk

1. Standing desk features

The standing desk is characterized by free lifting and lowering. During office work, we can sit and stand alternately. After all, we can't always sit and work. In addition, it can also reduce physical fatigue. The alternation of standing and sitting does not hinder the busy work at hand.

The standing desk is also relatively simple to use. During the lifting operation, a button is set. When in use, the user only needs to gently press the button on the desk to complete the use.

Another obvious feature of the lifting desk is its memory storage effect, that is, when it is adjusted to the height suitable for its own use, in the later use process, pressing the button will automatically realize the original height, which is more convenient and practical.

2. Select the criteria for standing the desk

In addition to space, the desk should also consider the placement environment, including horizontal and vertical lines, storage room space, exposed lines and high-voltage power supply, so as to avoid data leakage caused by magnetic field interference.

Pay attention to the environmental protection and comfort of the desk when shopping. For example, if you choose an environmentally friendly and reliable lifting desk, the leading edge of the table should be designed as a smooth bevel. Employees do not need to sit at the table, but can establish a better communication platform with the outside world.

The selection of materials is also due to the need for attention during purchase. We are no longer limited to steel. At present, there are many standing desks made of tempered glass, wood, aluminum alloy and other materials. Surface technology is very important. Basically, the export quality is good. All aspects of product quality inspection meet the standards. Aomeili standing desk is a good choice.

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the use of the office environment. Therefore, the standing desk should not only have a simple and elegant appearance, but also leave lively information to help alleviate office tension and improve work efficiency.

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