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Can a projector really replace a TV?

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In recent years, many young people like to use mobile phones and tablets to watch movies and TV screens by projecting them onto a projector, because the visual effects of the large screen can increase the viewing experience. Since then, projectors have become popular, and there are even some trends in replacing TVs. So, can the projector really replace the TV? Will TV really become a display? Next, let's talk about these topics.

If your home has enough space and enough budget, then congratulations, adults don't have to do multiple choice questions. Generally speaking, if the budget exceeds 10,000 yuan, the size of the projector will be much larger than that of the TV, and the picture quality will be similar to that of a TV of several thousand yuan. If the budget is higher than 20,000, then TV is better. And for most families, their purchase budget is several thousand yuan. From this perspective, we have to consider a little more.


TVs are undoubtedly more space-consuming, even the placement of ultra-thin models will still take up space. Putting a TV on the wall of the bedroom may make the whole room look awkward and crowded. If the living room is not spacious enough, placing the TV will also make the space look smaller. These are exactly one of the reasons why more people seriously consider buying a projector. The projector really doesn't take up space, and it has a small and exquisite appearance. It can be placed on a table or hung from the ceiling. It is so small that you can hardly notice its existence.

The only dissatisfaction is that some people feel that the picture of the projector is not clear enough. Different people have different opinions on the need for image clarity. Some people like huge images, while others like clear images. If you consider the big picture, it is not easy for you to buy a TV. If you want a TV of more than 100 inches, you can't buy it for more than 10,000 yuan.

If there are children at home, it is more worthwhile to buy a projector. Almost all children love to watch cartoons, and they have more opportunities to have access to TV, mobile phones, and tablet computers than previous children. Because these electronic devices are directly illuminated by the screen, you will always feel tired if you stare at the screen for a long time. This is one of the reasons why myopia is getting younger and younger in recent years.


Compared to a TV, a projector uses light to project onto the screen, and then diffusely reflect it into the eyes. This method is more beneficial to children's vision protection. This is also an option worth considering for young parents.

The above are some suggestions on whether or not to consider buying a projector. I hope it can help you make a purchase choice that suits you.

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