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Breaking through traditional office furniture

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Breaking through traditional office furniture

In the 21st century, as artificial intelligence replacement, more and more human beings do not need to do physical work, replaced by computer office, long-term sedentary, leading to various lumbar muscles and abdomen, abdominal fat, etc. Asian health problems, and along with The advent of the sustainable table, solved this pain point, was more and more people to recognize, more and more consumers who buy electric boosts, and finally become a must-have product.

Breaking through the traditional office furniture, the Nate smart standing desk has established a new standard of office furniture from the selection of raw materials, and the new fashion is guided from the function. Through innovative technology, the health is integrated into the office, the Nate smart standing desk can "sit on the alternating" office, while the office, do not forget the lumbar, cervical spine of the workplace personnel.

Adjustable Height Computer Standing Office Desk

At the same time, the Nate smart standing desk brings a flexible table experience that has never been seen from the workplace, one-button free rise, 4 speeds, high memory, suitable for different office heights and postures; three-stage telescopic table legs, with high quality motor Ensure the constant speed and stability of the lifting; in addition, the whole steel table holder, lasting pressure is not deformable, comparable to the excellent performance in the field of automobile manufacturing, as well as pure wooden tablets from nature, rich in texture and delicate and warm, true and tough It is a real quality, a real quality, a natural rubber wood grain, a fragrance of the original forest, can be said in the office.

With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, the future workplace main army or will show such a feature: the border of office and life is gradually ablation, both focusing on efficiency and emphasis on experience, both like personality, also like community, can be seriously treated Work can enjoy the workplace rest time. These features and demand must speed up the pace of intelligent lift table replace the traditional work desk.


Nate Intelligent standing desk combined with technology technology, by using the human engineering principle, help the people who are free to adjust the desktop height, improve the service desk comfort, seamlessly docking with healthy life while working, and through the cultivation of the manufacturing process ISO9001 Quality Management System Certified Excellence Craftsman Team, with heart to create a hard-working intelligent office furniture equipment to meet the people 's personalized customization needs, and strive to build new benchmarks in the office furniture market!

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