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Be a wise parent and enjoy a happy life

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Children's Day, also known as Children's Day, is a festival for all countries in the world to protect children's rights to survival, health care and education, improve their lives, and oppose child abuse and poisoning.

On the afternoon of June 1st, Shaoxing Naite Drive Technology Co., Ltd. held a lecture on "Being a wise parent and enjoying a happy life". The lecturer is Dr. Yu from Shaoxing Women's Hospital.

The main content of this lecture is how to communicate with children correctly, so that children can grow up healthily and live happily.

In today's era of food, clothing and necessities, we are most concerned about children's psychological problems, not just their grades. Sometimes we only care about the children's study, thus ignoring their mental health. Under the educational environment in China, children's learning pressure is gradually increasing. Under the influence of environmental thoughts, they always feel that only by studying well can they get ahead, not only by studying well, but also by having a skill. Therefore, the extreme phenomenon of teenagers is also endless.

However, children's psychological problems are not only academic, but also likely to be formed under the infection of family environment. So how to get along and communicate with children better is a very important thing.

Most of the students attending this class are parents who are in primary school or above, and even will face the college entrance examination in a few days. Caring for children's mental health is a compulsory course for every parent. Be a wise parent and enjoy a happy life for the whole family!

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