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As The New Year Begins, Let Us Also Start A New Life!

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Shaoxing NATE is a professional manufacturer of electric height adjustable desk, covering 1-legged, 2 legged, 3-legged, 4-legged desk frame. In 2018, our company expanded and moved into the new building. In order to serve our oversea customer better, sales department recruits excellent salesmen. It would be good preparation for a further development.  Our company also pays great importance to the training of employees, and do regularly carry out some training activities, including outgoing and internal train.

In March 17th, the director of the sales department trained the new employees about ALIBABA platform which is way to find customer.  By learning how to find keywords, how to write headlines, and how to optimize the product, Ms Linda shared her experience detailed and carefully. Through a series of studies, staff becomes more enthusiastic about how to work professional!


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