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Argentina Beats France to Win World Cup, Messi Sets Multiple Records

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In the early morning of the 19th Beijing time, the Qatar World Cup finals came to an end. After a penalty shootout, the Argentine team defeated the defending champion France (3:3 in extra time, 4:2 in penalty shootout), and won the World Cup again after 36 years.

In the final game between Argentina and France, during the 21st minute of the first half, Di Maria made a penalty kick and Messi broke the deadlock overnight. After that, Argentina made a quick counterattack and Di Maria pushed the goal to rewrite the score to 2:0. Changing sides to fight again, the French team, which changed its offensive combination, created more threats. In the 80th minute, Mbappe made a penalty kick. 97 seconds later, Mbappe volleyed and scored again, and the two sides returned to the same starting line. During regular time, the two teams were tied.

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In the 109th minute of extra time, Messi scored with a supplementary shot. At the last moment, the French team won another penalty kick, Mbappé hit, and the game entered a penalty shootout. Argentine goalkeeper Martinez saved Koeman's shot, and Joan Ameni also missed a penalty, and Argentina won the championship.

Messi scored two goals in the final. According to statistics, the Argentine star set a number of records in this World Cup:

1. The World Cup playing time surpassed Maldini, the first in history;

2. The first player to send assists in five consecutive World Cups;

3. The first player in history to score goals in a single World Cup group match, quarter-finals, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals;

4. Refresh the record of the oldest pass in a single game of the World Cup held by himself;

5. The player who won the most official best times in the history of the World Cup;

6. Reaped the 17th victory in the World Cup finals, tied for the first place in history with Klose;

7. The number of appearances in the World Cup reached 26 games, the first in history;

8. The first player in history to win the World Cup Ballon d'Or twice...

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