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Apart from hanging the TV on the wall and on the TV cabinet, where else can I put the TV?

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Perhaps, in China, TV is indispensable in the living room of most families, after all, most people still prefer to watch TV. Nowadays, some people like to hang the TV on the wall, and some people like to put the TV directly on the TV cabinet. So which one is better, or is there a refreshing TV wall?


Some people say that a small TV can be hung on the wall because it does not take up space, the living room looks neat and tidy, and the TV cabinet is optional, but it should be noted that:

The height of the TV hanging on the wall, the center line of the TV is the horizontal line, which is slightly lower than or equal to the eye height of the person sitting on the sofa (this is the height determined according to the height of the sofa in each home). Or the actual data is that the distance between the bottom of the TV screen and the ground is about 60-80cm.

If you put the TV on the TV cabinet, first put the TV on the TV cabinet, because there is a TV cabinet, so the storage function is available. In addition, the current TV base is movable left and right, so viewers can adjust the angle of the TV at will according to their location.

This time, because the height of the TV cabinet is fixed, you must pay attention to the height of the sofa when choosing a sofa to avoid the situation where the TV cabinet is low, which causes the TV to be placed short and the sofa is high. Otherwise, you should get neck sick when you look down on the TV, so when you buy a TV cabinet, you should consider the height of the sofa, and consider buying a TV cabinet with an appropriate height.

Integrated TV wall, the TV and the wall are integrated. This form of clever integration into the background wall not only reduces the sense of visual conflict, but also eliminates the troubles of the homeowner in decorating and matching, and maintains the consistency and harmony of the overall space. Tuck the TV into the hard-mounted wall, the part of the TV that should have been protruding is weakened, reducing the obstructive effect of the space vision, the simple but not simple integrated design, and the texture of the space is improved.


The TV is hung on the wall, which is more suitable for small houses, beautiful and very space-saving. The TV is placed on the TV cabinet, which is more suitable for large houses, shows the grade, and increases the storage space. But as long as you dare to break the rules, let the TV wall be more than just a decoration or a background. You will find that the TV wall can also be a beautiful scenery.

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