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Analysis of the importance of lifting desk motor

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Office work requires long-term sitting at the desk. Long-term sitting will have a great negative impact on the human cervical spine, especially if the desk selected is not good enough, the comfort will be greatly reduced, and the harm will be even greater. Big. But now there are new types of desks. For example, the lifting table is a very fashionable modern desk. As soon as it appeared, it was greatly welcomed by people, and the lifting desk motor is very important!


As the name suggests, this is a desk that can be raised and lowered, that is, the height can be adjusted arbitrarily, so that people can adjust the height of the desk according to their height, and keep the height of the desk in the most comfortable state for the body. Such an advanced design is indeed very valuable, but why can the lifting table be raised and lowered? This has to talk about the lift desk motor. The reason why the desk can be automated is largely due to the use of the lift desk motor.

The motor of the lifting table is equivalent to the heart of the car. If it fails or is damaged, there is no way to work normally (this does not include manual lifting desks and mechanical lifting desks). However, the motor of the lift table also has a patent, and it also needs to see whether the motor has obtained the inspection and certification of a professional organization.

The motor also has a great influence on the lifting desk, which to a large extent determines the lifting speed, service life, noise level, etc. of the lifting desk. Moreover, the number of motors of the desk has an impact on the price of the desk, and the price difference between dual motors and single motors is also very large.

The export of domestic lifting desks must first be recognized by the EU exporting countries, and obtain the American UL international certificate and so on. In addition, there are many certificates, such as PSE certificate, SAA certificate, CE certificate, etc., which must be passed one by one to ensure the quality of exports.

The lifting column is the desk leg in everyone's mouth, and its function is to adjust the height of the lifting desk. The lifting desk can be divided into two forms, two sections and three sections, and the installation method is also divided into two forms of formal installation and inverted installation. Experiments have proved that the stability of the three sections is better than that of the two sections, and the formal lifting column will be more beautiful.


The motor can control the entire desk, which can be raised and lowered with just one key. At the same time, the display is also powered by the motor. It can be said that the motor is the core component of the entire lifting desk. If the motor is missing, the lifting desk cannot be automated.

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