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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of hand-cranked lifting desks

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At first, most of the lifting desks were widely used in European and American countries, but now our country has gradually recognized the lifting desks and used them in a large amount. Since desks are needed for office, study and other occasions, users need to sit for a long time. However, it is not good for the health of the human body to do so, so the lifting desk is favored by the general public. The hand-cranked lifting desk is a kind of lifting desk. What are its advantages and disadvantages? Let's take a look together.


1. Advantages

1. Convenient lifting. It can be satisfied with people of different heights, provide users with a suitable height for use, and improve the efficiency of work or study.

2. It is good for health. Adjusting the lifting desk to a height that suits you in a hand-cranked manner can make our sitting posture standard, and you can also use the lifting desk in a standing position. It not only protects the eyesight of the user, but also avoids the problems of the cervical spine and spine, and can also solve the problem of sedentary sitting.

3. Save resources. The use of a hand-cranked lifting desk does not require the use of electric energy or oil and gas resources, which not only saves resources, but also saves costs.

2. Disadvantages

1. It takes a little effort to adjust the height of the elevator, which is more troublesome compared to the automatic elevator desk.

2. The height that the hand-cranked lift desk can rise is limited.

The manual lifting desk rotates the gear with the hand rocker, and then drives the lifting spindle to rise and fall to achieve the purpose of adjusting the height of the desks and chairs, similar to the principle of a car jack. At present, this kind of gear has a long service life, is not easy to age, and is not easy to cause problems.

If you want to achieve "sit and stand alternate" use of the computer for office work, you must adjust the height of the computer frequently, turning the computer up when you are standing, and turning it down when you are sitting. So for an ideal "standing desk", the height adjustment must be very convenient. Like some liftable desks, it uses screws to control the height, which is more troublesome. The effect of "alternating sitting and standing" will also be greatly reduced. Therefore, when buying a "standing desk", pay attention to understanding its lifting principle and operation method, and see if the height adjustment is convenient and fast enough.


When using a standing office, the height of the desktop should be raised to about 1.2 meters. If it is too low, you have to look down at the computer, which is also detrimental to the cervical spine. If you are taller than 1.8 meters, then the height is even higher. Therefore, when purchasing a "standing desk", you must pay attention to whether the height is appropriate.

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