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Aesthetic design of office screen

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Many bosses attach great importance to feng shui in the office. However, in addition to the aesthetic design that suits our needs, feng shui is also an important point that we need to consider. This is related to the company's business prosperity. Let us discuss it together.


If it is divided according to the form, it is mainly based on the number of glass in the entire office, and the office partition can be divided into two types: single glass and double glass. If a single glass partition is used, the tempered glass used is preferably about 10mm; while for double glass partition, double-layer tempered glass is required, and the thickness of each glass is maintained at 5mm. The effects of the two different methods are different.

When choosing materials for office partitions, melamine panels are basically used, which has the advantages of safety and environmental protection. At this time, the office partition can be designed as a fixed partition or a movable partition. The cost of this partition method will be relatively cheaper, and it is mostly used for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Nowadays, stainless steel office partitions are also welcomed by many companies. This type of partition mainly includes stainless steel glass partitions and aluminum alloy partitions. Both of these partitioning methods can bring good indoor effects to the office and protect the privacy in the office.

From the perspective of the shape of the partition, some companies will achieve the top partition, which is the so-called high partition. And some companies choose not to achieve the top partition, which is called low partition. From the color and style of the partition design, you can see the culture and strength of an enterprise, so special attention should be paid to the design.

When decorating office partitions, you need to pay attention to the color matching. A comfortable environment can make people easier at work and work more efficiently. And when designing an office, it should focus on big jumps and small harmony.

The so-called small harmony, for example, to illustrate, for example, a company has 3 offices, then you can design different styles and colors in the 3 offices, but all kinds of furniture, doors and windows in the office need to maintain overall harmony. In this way, the work will not be so boring, and it will be able to stimulate the individual's potential.


When designing office screens, the color should not be too single, but it should not be too big, that is, the color matching should be reasonable, so that you can experience a comfortable office environment, and vice versa.

The above several methods are the most common office decoration methods, you can refer to it, and I wish you all can do what you want to decorate to a good-looking office.

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