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A more standardized management office makes the company better and better

Views: 6     Author: Corrine     Publish Time: 2022-05-26      Origin: Site

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Since we moved into the new factory, the environment of both the workshop, and the office area has been greatly improved. While the working environment is improving, we also need to standardize our office areas.

On May 25th, the teacher managed by 6s gave refined training to the employees in the office area of Nate Company. Instruct us how to standardize the placement of desktop items: use right-angle stickers to mark the items on the desk one by one, so that the fixed-point positioning is not messy. File organization: The folders are unified, and highly recognizable stickers are attached, so that when looking for files, you can quickly find them at a glance.


Although there are some rigid management methods, it can greatly improve work efficiency and make our office area more beautiful and tidy.

Let us contribute a little of our strength to the better tomorrow of Nate Company.


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