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A lift table company integrating industry and trade--Nate

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Nate is a company integrating industry and trade. Since moving to the new factory area, with standardized 6s management, the workers are busy and orderly every day, performing their respective duties.

After the workshop is rearranged and placed, not only is it neat and tidy to the naked eye, but also when workers are looking for goods, they can immediately know where they are placed. The shelves of the same color are arranged in a straight line, and the beginning of the shelves are marked with serial numbers. The cargo frame is the same color as the shelf, and the entire warehouse has no variegated colors, so it not only looks tall, but also greatly improves the work efficiency of the workers.

                           height-adjustable deskheight adjustable corner desk

The workshop is the busiest department in the company during this time. Although every day is mechanically doing uprights, packing screws, testing, packing, etc. But it is precisely because of the non-intermittent and efficient and orderly process in the workshop that the customer can receive the goods on time.

So, welcome to our Nate, come and see our products. Customers say good, that is really good.

height adjustable corner deskheight adjustable corner desk

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