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6 tips to keep your office furniture as clean as new every day!

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Almost everyone likes fresh and clean things, eating fresh food, and wearing fashionable clothes. The same is true for offices that have higher requirements for the overall environment. There are office furniture in the office, and every company hopes to put a brand new brand on its office furniture every day, because it will not only look clean but also work comfortably. 6 tips to keep your office furniture as clean as new every day!


1. Clean with white vinegar

Just prepare a bottle of white vinegar, mix the same amount of hot water, and wipe the office furniture with a soft cloth to remove all kinds of ink and oil stains on the furniture.

2. Wash with lemon

Because of social interaction, office desks and chairs often leave some burn marks. What should I do? You can cut a lemon in half, wipe the mark with half, wipe it with a soft cloth, and wipe it again with a dry soft cloth at the end to restore it to the original state.

3. Clean with toothpaste

If the surface of the furniture is stained with a layer of paint and it is not treated immediately, it will slowly turn yellow after a period of time and look particularly dirty, which will affect the overall appearance of the office furniture. At this time, you can dip a little toothpaste and wipe it with a rag, and you have to stop when you see the paint color, so as not to wipe off the paint on the surface of the furniture.

4. Micro exposure

Office furniture is taken to an open outdoor space, using natural sunlight to achieve the effect of dehumidification, and at the same time, it can also remove the musty smell produced by long-term dampness. Be careful not to expose it to the scorching sun to avoid cracking of the office furniture.

5. Physical means

Some old office furniture will have paint, plaster and other residues, which can be removed by physical means. Use a sharp knife to retouch quietly, and use fine sandpaper to polish it quietly. Remember not to use coarse sandpaper, as there will be abrasion marks with coarse sandpaper.

6. Wipe clean

When cleaning and maintaining furniture, you must first determine whether the rag you are using is clean. After cleaning or wiping off the dust, you must turn it over or change to a clean cloth before using it.

Don't take the time to use the already soiled side again and again. This will only cause the dirt to repeatedly conflict with the surface of the furniture, and on the contrary, it will damage the shiny surface of the furniture.


Before using the curing spray wax and cleaning curing agent, it is best to shake it well, and then hold the spray can at a 45-degree angle, so that the liquid components in the can can be completely released without losing pressure. Then, spray it quietly on the dry cloth at a distance of about 15 cm, so that you can scrub the furniture again and it will have an excellent cleaning and maintenance effect.

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