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5 small things about the standing desk you should know

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5 small things about the standing desk you should know

The standing desk is now becoming a new choice for many office spaces to enhance employee's health. With our development of career and long work, it is very important to find the time between work and health. The standing desk advocates the station to use the body activities, through the station, sitting in the stuttering posture, while preventing the continuous work, preventing the small belly fat, preventing the back of the back, and improving personal spirit and efficiency.

I know that my health is very important, and the fitness card can always be done because of various reasons, the doctor's recommendations can only be stimulated. Relieve long-standing injury, in addition to time, it is difficult to insist on fitness exercise, in fact, there is a simple and easy, easy to insist on the method of office, and have already preached abroad.

Electric Height Adjustable Office Desk

Here are the five-piece standing desk you should know, help you have a healthier lifestyle:

Standing can reduce the risk of weight gain

It has been confirmed that approximately 44% of office workers have added weights in current position. Standing allows you to burn over 50 calories per hour. Accumulation! Munders is developing domestic markets, and the products are exported to Europe and America, through international authority quality inspection certification.

Standing can reduce risk of disease

Standing can reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases. Since standing can improve activity, you have a low risk of these diseases. Standing active activities are also beneficial to the sedential body part.

Standing helps longevity

Studies have shown that there is a long-term seating and premature death. A study did even show that if the time to be sat down to 3 hours, everyone's expected life will increase by 2 years. Seeing this study, everyone knows that it is the importance of standing for the office.

Adjustable Height Computer Standing Office Desk

Reduce back pain

80% of adults will feel back pain at some day. Each working day is about one hour to alleviate about 54% of the upper and neck pain. Use the liter station to sit in alternating office, release your back shoulders, back.

Electric standing desk can improve emotions and energy levels

In a one-week study, the participants in the sustained table feedback and the level of pressure and fatigue they feel lower than those sitting throughout the business day.

The office upgrade table is getting more and more popular in the office population, do more homework before buying, choose the standing desk for yourself, easy health office every day!

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