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5 must-learn skills for living room storage

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Everyone wants to see a clean and bright living room as soon as they enter the door, but sometimes the space in the home is small and there are many things, which makes it difficult to plan the living room storage. Or I have thought about DIY storage, but I don't know where to start. Share a few living room storage tips, so that your home can double the space to use!

living room

1. Use the wall as a storage space

The living room usually has two storage cabinets-bookcase and TV cabinet. The TV cabinet is usually designed to be connected to the wall, which not only saves the volume of the cabinet placed outside, but also increases the storage space, making things look orderly and uncluttered. In addition, placing storage cabinets one by one against the wall can also bring visual beauty. Then use the overall wall to create a neat and clean design, making the living room visually wide and bright in an instant.

2. Use other furniture to increase storage space

If your living room is always full of clutter and you don’t know where to store your things, it means you should buy new storage furniture! Nowadays, there are many sofa beds, sofa chairs, and coffee tables on the market that all have the design of hidden storage cabinets. Not only does it have the original purpose, but it also accidentally creates a lot of storage space. Let you put all the sundries in, don't worry about looking too messy, just move the chair cushion back or spread the tablecloth, everything looks simple and clean!

3. Use baskets and storage racks

People with children in the family must feel that small things are often scattered all over the place, or that things can never be found if they are lost. Children's toys, small accessories, small hair clips, stationery and other items are really difficult to store. Even if it is put in a drawer, it is usually forgotten. This feeling is really annoying.

At this time, using storage racks and matching baskets is a very good storage method. Put the sundries into a well-planned box one by one. Paste a small note to facilitate memory, so that you will not be afraid of cluttered things in the living room and make people irritable.

4. Large shelf with simple decoration

The living room needs a simple large shelf, which can be used to place photo frames, books, and remote controls. You can even put flowers, dried flowers, etc. to add to the beauty of the living room. Placing a simple shelf in the corner of the living room can not only achieve the storage effect, but also prevent things from being scattered all over the place. The shelf also has a display function, which makes the space clean and tidy. Everyone is envious of it!

living room

5. Organize messy wires

The messy wires scattered on the ground are not only unsafe, but also make the overall space look ugly and messy. Therefore, it is recommended that you can use a safe nylon buckle or insulated cable cover to store these wires to increase the floor space, and you are not afraid of tripping over the wires when you get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, making the entire space wide and safe.

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