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4 small ways to store wires

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The tangled wires, mixed together, are really messy and messy, how you look at it, how troublesome. There are many wires in life, including charging wires, data wires, earplug wires, computer plug-in wires, etc. In addition, TVs and computers are large users of wires, so how does he solve it?


Method 1: hide the wire storage box

The wire storage box is the simplest and most direct method. It is divided into a multi-level design, and the bottom is dedicated to placing power strips. The upper layer can be placed on the router of the computer or the set-top box of the TV and so on. I need to remind everyone that the wire management box needs to be purchased according to the size of the power strip. It is recommended to buy a larger size.

Method 2: wire holder

The retainer uses a wire hook to stow it away. It can not only place the plugs individually, but also allows batches of wires to be placed on the hooks. In the state of not landing, it naturally looks much neater visually. In order to make the operation more convenient, the punch-free retainer wire is very popular. It is cheap and convenient to take and stick, wherever you want to stick.

Method 3: Thread tying

There are many methods for binding, such as Velcro, soft aluminum wire, and roll paper core left over from paper at home. There are also cute wire storage clips sold on the Internet, which are bundled every other segment, which saves space and can organize the wires well.

Method 4: wire storage tube

The covered wire tube is actually a plastic spiral tube, which can easily wrap the wire in the spiral tube to achieve the whole package, which looks like a wire. Nowadays, many wire wrappers are resistant to pets and the quality is first-rate. The instantaneously refreshing wires look much more comfortable.

In addition to the above-mentioned power cords, data cables, etc., which are commonly used in our lives, there are actually ways to organize and store large-scale wires in the home. If the wall in your home looks a bit monotonous, you can try to use the wire to concave the shape, which is simple, convenient and individual. As long as the wires are arranged on the wall according to the idea, you can add a touch of art to the monotonous space, and at the same time, the shape of the wires instantly raises a level.


With the help of these methods, are you still afraid of the troubles of entangled wires? Seeing the neat and tidy wires, the lazy person with severe disease and cleanliness can finally fall asleep at ease!

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