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3 points of office furniture layout design

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With the continuous development of China, office furniture design is also constantly evolving. In the last ten years, tremendous changes have taken place in the design and layout of office furniture. Work styles are different. The types of work and office environments are also different. Some require an open office environment, and some require an office environment with a certain amount of private space.


In terms of office furniture layout design, our thinking must be flexible and not the way of traditional office furniture. The homepage should have an office floor plan, which is laid out according to the company's culture, open or semi-open.

In the office design, not only the aesthetics of the office design, but also the relationship between the departments of an enterprise. For example, for office furniture in the sales department, a desk that is too small can easily cause a lot of stress on the sales staff, and if it is too large, it is easy to form a loose habit. There is also a question on whether each department needs a screen, and whether it affects the communication between employees. There is also a separate office for the Finance Department, which should not be influenced by too many people.

In the layout of office furniture, some decorations or plants should be included. This is more cultural, deeper, and connotative for the company. Create a modern office furniture environment and create a humanized office space.

When a company places an office, it must refer to the following frequently asked questions on multiple levels: One is the relationship between the office desk and the door. The office desk should not face the door as much as possible. The next one is behind the office desk. Behind the office desk, there should be wall objects as people. The reception desk at another desk should set aside necessary indoor space.

When the company office is in a room with windows, consider the natural environment outside the window. When looking out of the window, there should be no items in the rear left that are not good for the chimney obstructing the view.

It is not necessary to place the office desk directly opposite the door. People sit with their backs to the door. This is a key point that should be paid attention to when placing the office desk.


Try not to put the desk on the right side of the entrance door. In that case, office workers are very vulnerable to interference, endangering the working environment, and harming office people's management decisions and dealing with others.

There is no need to put the office desk under the window of the non-motorized vehicle corridor, because the corridor staff often experience the noise of the staff and are very vulnerable to harm.

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