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2022 Lantern Festival

Views: 1262     Author: Fairy Jo     Publish Time: 2022-03-02      Origin: Site

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    The annual Lantern Festival is coming again. This Lantern Festival is the first spring event of Nate's Spring Festival holiday. The company has made careful preparations and prepared various types of dumplings for everyone. Knight's employees are also a family, and Knight is also a big family. The Nate family eats dumplings together, indicating that everyone will work together in the new year.



    The glutinous rice balls are all hand-cooked glutinous rice balls, which represent the sincerity of the company and send the company's care and warmth to the hands of every employee. The Lantern Festival activities make the company's employees more united and more like a family.

    After the Lantern Festival, everyone will return to their respective jobs. All Knight employees will bring this warmth and emotion into the new year's work, and use their efforts and achievements to give back to the company and give back to themselves.




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