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2022 Goddess Festival Activities

Views: 1568     Author: Fairy Jo     Publish Time: 2022-03-11      Origin: Site

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    In the 4th year of Nate drive 's establishment, we have ushered in a festival that only belongs to women - the Three Eight Goddess Festival. In today's society, the power of women cannot be underestimated. While women are nurturing and nurturing the next generation, more and more women choose to go to work, to the workplace, or even to entrepreneurship. There are already many very successful female entrepreneurs in Zhejiang Province,

Women can already hold up half the sky. Women should be beautiful and more powerful. Knight Company is very focused on female employees, and just today held a warm and grand ceremony for its more than 60 female employees.



     First of all, the company has prepared women's health lectures for all female compatriots, which is a very practical and considerate arrangement. Women should be more concerned about their own health and well-being. Because women want to breed the next generation, the teacher gave a lot of practical methods in the lecture, which benefited everyone a lot.



    At the end of the meeting, Ms. Dong, the general manager of YouNet, came to give a speech. She herself is a very good woman. She said: Women should dress up beautifully, women should treat themselves better, as women, we can also be ourselves and become independent and beautiful individuals. Finally, I wish every female employee in Nat a wonderful life. , live out yourself, bloom beautifully.



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