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2021 Outstanding Employee Award Ceremony

Views: 8     Author: Corrine     Publish Time: 2022-06-02      Origin: Site

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    Due to the epidemic, the original annual meeting last year could not be held normally, resulting in the awards ceremony not being held. Today, we moved into a new factory area,  a new environment, and all the staff of the company gathered together to make up for the regrets, that we have not implemented.The company also customized a cola with everyone's name, and blessings printed on it, and everyone expressed their surprise.

   At the celebration, the chairman's tireless teaching,  and long-term expectations for us inspired everyone's heart to struggle. 

  The company also moved into the new factory area, from a slightly smaller workshop, into a standardized 6S standardized workshop. This is a milestone of hard work, this is a new platform for sustainable development, this is a starting line for bigger and stronger. 



  A sudden new crown epidemic disrupted the company's plans. We all know how difficult it has been in the past three years. The leaders still lead us to find a breakthrough. At the same time, it is also inseparable from the hard work and concerted efforts of every Nate person, so that we can cut through the waves. All the way to today's glory. Although the mountain road is rough, the scenery of climbing the top of the mountain is the most beautiful.


The celebrations respectively commended: outstanding employees, outstanding managers, outstanding salesmen, the best newcomer award and the man of the year award. Finally, the red flags and bonuses were issued to the workshop team of 6s meticulous management. This is their honor, but also the honor of the company, a role model for all of us.


Recalling the past, encouraging, looking to the future, exciting. The horn of departure has sounded, and our journey has begun. We believe that Nate Drive Technology Co., Ltd., a huge ship full of hope, will sail smoothly to the other side of success. Let us look forward to it.

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