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2021 Lantern Festival

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During the Lantern Festival, our company, based on creating a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere for family and residents, organizes all family members and company leaders to actively carry out activities to enrich staff's spiritual and cultural life, and brings a warm, safe, harmonious and happy Lantern Festival to the majority of families.

Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, as early as more than 2,000 years ago in the Western Han Dynasty, yuanxiao Lantern Festival began in the Eastern Han Dynasty emperor Mingdi, the Ming emperor advocated Buddhism, heard that Buddhism on the 15th day of the first month monks watch sarira Buddha, light lanterns to worship Buddha, ordered that the night in the palace and temples to light lanterns to worship Buddha, so that the common people are hanging lanterns. Later, this kind of Buddhist ritual festival gradually formed a grand folk festival. The section has experienced from the palace to the folk, from the central Plains to the national development process.





We prepared yuanxiao for all the staff. Look! Everyone can't wait to take a bowl in the white tender, chubby yuanxiao out of the pot.

Our festival activities for the Lantern Festival to create a happy, peaceful, reunion, beautiful festive atmosphere. Through activities make employees experience, familiar with China's traditional Lantern Festival activities of lively atmosphere, realize people's warm yearn for a better life, personal feel the charm of Chinese national culture, and respect our folk customs, more love our Chinese nation's traditional culture, set up the root of folk culture in you heart.

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