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2021 Guangzhou International Furniture Expo

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China Home Expo was founded in 1998 and has been held for forty-six consecutive years. China Home Furnishing Expo covers the whole industrial chain of home furnishing industry. In spring and Autumn, more than 6000 top brand enterprises at home and abroad gathered together and received more than 340,000 professional visitors. It is the preferred platform for new product release and business in home furnishing industry.

In order to successfully participate in this exhibition, all the staff of the company are fully devoted to the division of labor and cooperation:



The exhibition began, attracting many people to visit


1. The sales staff in-depth understanding and familiar with product knowledge, product performance, structure and parameters are kept in mind.

2. Reception staff uniform clothing and dress up, with a good mental outlook to face each customer, set up the company's spiritual outlook.

3. Prepare promotional materials, exhibits and office supplies for the exhibition

4. The construction of the booth was completed through the joint efforts of all departments of the company, and the main objectives and ideas of the exhibition were also formulated.

Finally, the exhibition came to a successful conclusion, and we also gained a lot in this exhibition!


4-legged standing desk on display at the exhibition


Game standing desk on display at the exhibition

Whether as "buy" or "sell", the key is the product. Even if customers have purchase demand, there are so many similar products in the market. How can we let customers choose our products? This requires us to improve the competitiveness of our products. Product competitiveness can be reflected in product design, popularity, quality, price and so on. The increase of market competitors represents the huge market. How to seize the market effectively is the subject to be considered in the future.

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