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2021 Dragon Boat Festival

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The Fifth day of the fifth lunar month is the Dragon Boat Festival, one of the ancient traditional festivals of the Chinese nation. Dragon Boat Festival is also known as Dragon Boat Five, Duanyang. In addition, the Dragon Boat Festival has many other names, such as: Noon festival, double five festival, May Festival, Bath Orchid festival, girls festival, day festival, ground wax, poets festival, dragon day and so on. Although the name is different, but generally speaking, people around the festival customs or with more than different.

Dragon Boat Festival

Zongzi, salted duck egg

Dragon Boat Festival


The Dragon Boat Festival, is the Chinese people for more than two thousand years of traditional habits, because of the vast area, numerous ethnic groups, plus many stories and legends, so not only produced many different names of the festival, but also have different customs around the country. Its content mainly has: daughter to return home, hang Zhong Kui's picture, welcome ghost boat, hide midday, post midday leaf fu, wormwood, swim all diseases, wearing fragrant bag, dragon boat racing, martial competition, hit the ball, swing, tu realgar for children, drink realgar wine, eat five poison cakes, salted eggs, zongzi and seasonal fresh fruit. In addition to the superstitious activities have gradually disappeared, the rest of the spread throughout China and neighboring countries. Some activities, such as dragon boat racing, have developed into international sports events that have broken through time and geographical boundaries.


Get the gift

Get the gift

Get the gift

Get the gift

Our company certainly can't miss this traditional festival, the personnel prepared exquisite gifts for all the staff of the company. There are zongzi, salted duck eggs, these are the traditional Dragon Boat Festival food. Seeing everyone happily receiving their gifts, you must be eager to share them with your family!

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