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2020 Christmas Tea Party

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The annual Christmas is coming, the bell has aroused your memories of the past? Christmas is a warm holiday, on this occasion, the company specially planned the "Christmas Greetings, joy attack" activity, in order to thank the hard work of all employees in this year, I hope you can feel another kind of corporate culture and fun in your spare time. Let our surroundings full of the warmth of the festival and festival, so that more people happy together, together warm winter.



Christmas scene arrangement


Although in this world, there is no Santa Claus

While you're sleeping

Sneaking presents into your stocking

But there will always be people who love you

Prepare a little surprise for your special day







The personnel began preparing for the mysterious and surprising tea party several days in advance. Snack cake and milk tea. The table was covered with fine desserts. There's also a Christmas tree, and it's really cool.

The holding of the tea party strengthens the understanding, cooperation and communication between the company's leaders and employees, further draws closer the feelings between each other, creates an interactive and harmonious working atmosphere, reflects the spirit of unity, friendship and mutual help among employees, and achieves the positive effect of mobilizing everyone.

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