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2019 Phase 1 New Shenghui

Views: 1290     Author: Fairy Jo     Publish Time: 2022-02-24      Origin: Site

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New Shenghui is a foreign trade exchange conference held by Alibaba Cross-border E-commerce Service Company in Shengzhou. Knight Drive Technology Co., Ltd., as a leading foreign trade enterprise in Shengzhou, participated in the conference and actively participated and discussed under the leadership of Chairman Wang Jianfeng. Its purpose is to promote and strengthen the cooperation and exchanges in the foreign trade circle of Shengzhou, inject new vitality into the foreign trade circle of Shengzhou, and enable the foreign trade enterprises in Shengzhou to develop more vigorously.




      Xinshenghui is a place to gather popularity, Xinshenghui is an organization that grows together, Xinshenghui is an open and altruistic group, Xinshenghui is a resource sharing station, Xinshenghui is a place for win-win cooperation





   The first session of Xinshenghui has been successfully concluded, and we look forward to the participation of more and better foreign trade partners next time to jointly create brilliant foreign trade prospects.

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