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2019 Completed the Thailand tour

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Bangkok is originally known as "the city of angels" and is known as "the Capital of Buddhist temples". It is the Thai capital of The Yellow Robe Buddhist Kingdom and the center of Thai politics, economy, culture and transportation. Bangkok is the political center of Thailand and a hotspot for tourists. In Pattaya, you can meet fish at the bottom of the sea, watch the ladyboy show, go to The Dongba Paradise and dance with elephants, and the city that never sleeps, "Oriental Hawaii" Pattaya has infinite charm.



Characteristics of food


During the five days and four nights in Thailand, the family not only enjoyed the Thai cuisine, but also experienced the baptism of different cultures along the way. As a country with a fairly open, in the maintenance and spread of traditional culture to do things, really admirable. How to promote our corporate culture and concept better by adopting an eclectic approach, our colleagues also learned a lot. Inclusive and open culture is durable, full of vitality and creativity. In just a few days, from Bangkok to Pattaya, from water world to pagoda temple, countless creative crafts and wonderful performances, let people thoroughly feel the charm of foreign culture.


The end of the small holiday, back to the normal work and life, colleagues have been relaxed, have said that the trip is worthwhile, will be more efforts to work, to create greater interests for the company, to create greater value for customers, sincere service.


Wonderful performances


Record beautiful scenery

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