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Your Color in Life

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Give life some color, warm yourself, warm everyone and leave no regrets in life.

When I was a child, I often hear people say, "Life is colorful." However, at the moment of birth, a person is like a blank piece of paper. Blank space that waits for us to spend our whole life painting it with gorgeous colors.

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We have experienced wind and rain. We have bathed in sunshine, sharpened our fighting spirit, and looked forward to the future. Various colors are waiting for us to fill in. Facing the blue sky, facing the earth, and coloring life.

To color life is to let one's limited life exert its infinite value, so that the color of one's life can harmonize the society and warm the world.

Our attitude should be colored with fiery red, which symbolizes enthusiasm. Doing things seriously and passionately, and learning will be rewarded. Thus, fiery enthusiasm will lay a solid foundation for your life.

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