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What should you pay attention to while buying a lift table?

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First, it is vital to know the number of motors. For lift tables with single motor, there is only one motor that drives the connecting rod to move up and down. Whereas for double motors, one control box connects with two motors that both rise and fall simultaneously. It is more durable, swift with a faster speed and more stablility.

Normally speaking, the more motors a lift table has, the better it sticks with stability. As motors are at the core of lift tables’ design and technology, it also plays a significant role in terms of stability and load-bearing.          


Second, we should check out its table legs, or so called ‘lift column’. Quite frankly, the more the number of column segments, the better the table stands in terms of smoothness and weight-bearing ability.    

As for leg segments assembled in forward or inverse direction, there is only slight difference in appearance and functionaliy. For forward direction, it features narrow top and wide bottom, resembling the shape of fishing rod. The wider it contacts with the bottom, the better its stability. While for inverse assembling with wide top and narrow bottom, the top side of lifting column possesses a bigger contact area. So that it gots better stability horizontally, compromising stability elsewhere.      

Third, lift range is what you should keep in mind. Lift range implies the highest and the lowest position a table can reach. Generally speaking, the height a table can reach goes from 71 cm to 123 cm, dependable on circumstances of users’height and working condition.

Fourth, consumers concern about how much weight the lifting table can hold. In general, a good electric lifting table is not only able to bear more weight, but also performs well in stability when climbing up or dropping down.

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Last but not least, you get what you pay for. Brand is also what you should concern about.

The technology of Nate company’s intelligent lift integrates the control processing system and software algorithm, which is a new type of intelligent components integrating "mechanics, electricity and software". The technology Nate company innovated includes Smart Lifting Columns and Smart Actuators, which run silky-smooth whether it's on or off. It is truly incredible.

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