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Type Of Lifting Desk

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Supplementary instructions:

Hand lift table

The lifting of the desktop is achieved by shaking or rotating the handle. The advantages are energy saving, safety in use, slow down speed and limited range. This table is not suitable for high-speed office environment, suitable for primary and secondary school students. It is not suitable for most office workers, but should not be listed on the lifting desk.

Manual lifting table

On the current market analysis of this kind of table: mostly hand spin a button to pull the tabletop, to reach the purpose of tilting or rising, the range is very small, but suitable for drawing people to use or pupil to do homework; the other is a groove on the table leg, the user raises the table with the hand, so that the desktop is stuck in the groove part, this kind of Gao Fei It's usually primitive and time-consuming, but it is suitable for growing children. Because the height of the table can be appropriately raised according to the height growth, and the service life is only a few years.

The above two strictly speaking will not be chosen by office workers. Therefore, it should not be called the lifting desk, which belongs to the lifting table category.

According to the current foreign and domestic parts of the use of lifting desk of the crowd to see: most of the use of the elevator desk is electric, electric elevator table saving, fast lifting speed, although the price is slightly high, but high reasonable, high cost performance.

Electronically controlled lifting table

The 220V power supply is needed to realize the electronic control of the button. The general range is between 70~123cm. The advanced electric control lifting table has the functions of high memory storage, a reduction height, mute lifting and so on.

Lifting platform

This product is no need to install, after unpacking can be directly put in the original desk.

The lifting principle is the lift up and down of the air spring. The elevating height varies between 0~500cm. In the process of lifting and lifting, it is generally divided into 5~12 position adjustment. To adapt to the different height of the computer users. Because the lifting product is economical and no need to change desk, it began to become popular in China in 2016.


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