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The cultivation of foreign trade sales crown: code these 8 work details

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1. How to respond to customer questions more systematically?

When a customer sends a series of questions, he can reply after the questions in his last email and start with the following sentence patterns:

①in response to your queries, please find below my replay in blue.

②Regarding to your questions, kindly see my reply in blue below:

Regarding your question, please check my reply as follows: (Please use blue, or green, purple and other colors when replying, and use red with caution, because some foreigners will think this color is bloody)

Reply after the customer's questions, and distinguish them with colored fonts, which makes the details clear at a glance and helps customers answer questions quickly.

If necessary, bullets such as "1.2.3" or "a.b.c" can be added to increase the organization of the mail.

2. How to classify and manage customers?

Learn to classify customers. Whether using excel or CRM, refining foreign customer groups is an important part of export sales.

There are many standards for classification, such as by region, by purchase frequency, by inquiry source, and most commonly by the embodiment of ABC customers in sales.


Grade A: Old customers who have placed orders for many times.

Grade B: New customers who have established cooperation.

Class C: Customers who have sent samples and are ready to place an order.

D-level: key potential big customers, who have done back-tuning and have not yet started cooperation.

E-level: ordinary potential customers, with inquiry and intention to cooperate, but not big customers.

F-level: customers with only one cooperation, no repurchase and no re-inquiry.

G-level: customers who only inquire and have no response.

Key benefits of customer segmentation:

① When products need to be promoted, marketing can be conducted for customer groups.

② Customers of different levels have different follow-up cycles.

For example, for A-level customers, the follow-up frequency can be controlled at 1-2 times a week, and more social interaction, more understanding of follow-up after-sales, and the return of orders can be promoted according to the customer's repurchase cycle.

3. How to manage time efficiently?

Sales champions are all masters of time management. Today, I share a time management method, which simplifies work and improves work efficiency by using FDCA.


P: (Plan) The killer of time management is that there is no plan.

Plans include: annual plan/this month plan/this week plan/today plan.

The contents of the plan include: urgent affairs/key projects/daily work/temporary matters.

D(Do execution)

To-do list, quantify the target, and deal with and mark the completion status in order of priority.

C(check and reflection)

Check the problems found in the process of handling the work, or potential risks, and reflect on the situation that should be paid attention to in the work.

The most important link of A(Act recovery and rectification)

Is there anything left unfinished today?

What can be done better today?

What work has improved today?

After that, start a new cycle and plan for tomorrow.

4. How to establish the FAQ system of products and services? 

Prepare FAQ of your own industry system and answer frequently asked questions. Collect frequently asked questions from customers and sort out a set of standard answers. Detailed FAQ has the characteristics of products and services, which will stimulate customers' purchasing needs. Most importantly, it can help you deal with some repetitive work efficiently.

If you meet a customer who likes to ask questions, sending a FAQ can not only quickly answer questions, but also let the other party feel your specialty.

FAQ template (can be formulated according to its own industry)

Got a question? Find our FAQ here. {FAQ introduction

What details are required for a quotation? Can I make changes before I ship?

What are the shipping options?

When will my order ship?

How long can I get my goods?

How can I track my order?

What do I do if I received a defective order?

Can I have samples before my order? What's the minimum order quantity?

5. Matters needing attention in naming email subject

The subject of the email should be changed with the content. It needs to be emphasized here that the theme is still the same theme, but the content needs to be adjusted according to the progress.

For example, Inquiry for School Bag is sent to you by guests, and the theme is School Bag. School Bag remains unchanged; You can add "Re: quotation for school bag-20220314" to your email "re:" (which is an automatically generated format of reply email), so there is an interactive form. When the guest makes an inquiry, you reply to the quotation.

Then: the guest replied: "Re:Re: (I replied for the second time, so two Re:) SchoolBag Offer-20220314", and he wants to confirm the order and let you open the contract. You can Reply by removing a "re." to save the subject of the e-mail from re-eeee, "Re: PI for School Bag+contract number" and so on. When the goods arrive, change it to "re: school bags are ready for shipment+contract number", so that when the guests see the updated content of the theme, they can capture the outline of the email.

Some customers are very busy and have limited time, which is also helping them improve their work efficiency. He will think that you are very attentive and have been updating your progress.

6. Precautions for emails with attachments

If the email contains attachments, you need to remind the other party that the email contains attachments, such as:

①The requested file name is attached to this email.

② Please see attached file name for more details...I've attached+file name and the file name of the attachment, please be sure to give it another name. Remember not to appear "QQ screenshot 48585fgr2frg" or "jpg.008" and other picture names.

At the same time, when you attach more attachments, please communicate clearly with customers in the email. For example, your attachments are packing list, invoice and certificate of origin, and the email should be:

I am attaching here with the following documents for your confirmation:

①Packing list

②Commercial Invoice

③Certificate of Origin

The pictures are also named in turn, so that the recipients can have peace of mind and clear their hearts. The size of the attachment is preferably within 1-5MB, and it is best not to exceed 10MB.

7. Respect the measurement habits of customers


Such as British and American customers, who use English units. Such as inches, gallons, ounces, etc. Marking the drawings in English units is not only a thoughtful move, but also helps them save time and energy and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

8. Infographic = information+graphic (combination of graphic information)

Compared with traditional forms or blunt pure words, the combination of graphics and text not only makes the data or content clear at a glance, but also enhances its professionalism.

Similarly, in social media or letters and promotion emails, citing infographic makes the text more vivid and attractive through images.


The difference between foreign trade sales crown and ordinary foreign trade salesmen is often reflected in some details, and the so-called details determine success or failure. There are still many details of work like this. If you keep combing and summarizing, you will get stronger and stronger in your business ability over time.

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