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The Rise Of Standing Desk The Study Found That Long-term Office Is Not Good For Physical And Mental Health

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More and more people know that sedentary hazards are so great that  Standing Desk are gradually emerging. A study by Curtin University in Australia showed that standing for a long time is also not conducive to physical and mental health.

The researchers recruited 20 volunteers to stand up for two hours to observe changes in their physical sensations, cognitive function, muscle status, activity, swelling of the lower limbs, and mental state. The results of the latest issue of the journal Ergonomics show that volunteers have a "significant" increase in body discomfort, a slower response rate and mental state; only the ability to solve problems has increased.

The researchers wrote in the paper that people are trying to stand up and work because they are worried about sedentary work, but "this study shows that long-term standing may have a (negative) impact on health and productivity... Sitting in the office must be cautious."

Hall, head of the Occupational Health Department of the Australian Physical Therapy Association, said: "Standing desks are not 'prickly medicine'. It may solve some of the problems of some people, but it cannot solve all the problems."

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