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Sitting Desk Can Improve Work Performance And Mental Health

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On October 11 (UPI), a test showed that allowing staff to sit and stand at the same time while using computers significantly improved work performance and mental health.

Researchers in the UK and Australia have found that desk time in the office is reduced by more than an hour a day. The results of the study were published Thursday in the British Medical Journal.

High levels of sedentary behavior are associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.

The study is part of Britain's "more and more work," a comprehensive behavioral change intervention designed to encourage people to stand more often than to work sitting. My day 2 website includes information about the health risks of sitting long and how to best use a table with adjustable height.

"Office workers are one of the most sedentary people, spending 70 to 85 percent of their time sitting at work," the researchers wrote.

In the past 12 months, from 2015 to June 2016, 146 office workers were recruited in university hospitals (Leicester Royal Hospital, Leicester general hospital and grenfield hospital) for research, 77 of whom used seats, 69 did not use seats, and they followed up to 2017. The average age of participants was 41, 80% of whom were women and 78% were white Europeans.

In addition to the data measured in the office, daily physical activity levels and responses to work, mood and quality of life questions were recorded.

Compared with the control group, sitting time decreased by 50.62 minutes per day at 3 months, 64.40 minutes per day at 6 months and 82.39 minutes per day at 12 months. Walking time and physical activity remain the same.

The researchers said there were improvements in job performance, job involvement, occupational fatigue, work during illness, daily anxiety and quality of life, but no significant differences in job satisfaction, cognitive function and sick leave absence.

The authors hope to study the long-term health benefits of replacing standing sitting and how best to promote exercise in the future.

Dr Cindy gray of the University of Glasgow wrote in an editorial in ANA composing that she saw the potential health benefits of standing instead of sitting, but she was curious about the potential benefits.

"Many interventions that simply replace sitting with standing have little clinical impact on cardiovascular risk biomarkers, and breaking sitting with light physical activity seems to have metabolic benefits," she wrote.

"Available evidence suggests that the personal and public health benefits of sedentary interventions, such as smart work, may be limited by the failure to increase walking or other forms of physical activity. "

In addition, she questioned the transferability outside the national health service and its suitability for other types of employees, including shift workers.

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