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Over the next few years, businesses will operate with a greater awareness of the interplay between climate change, global health and social inequality, and the impact of these world-wide challenges on the real estate industry. By helping businesses understand these intricate relationships, we can make better-informed decisions in real estate and respond to changes within and between regions.


key trends

01Emotional resonance through the workplace is still the core.

Many diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are in their infancy. Over time, these dedicated groups and positions will be gradually formalized to take on more long-term institutional functions. The concept of inclusivity is not only about the inclusion of difference and ethnicity, but will also encompass a broader scope, including the inclusion of gender, cultural background and neurodiversity, and a greater understanding of the benefits of intergenerational workforces. 

02 Implementing the mission into action will make the enterprise stand out. How should businesses align social justice, public health, and environmental needs with economic goals? For many businesses, investing in spaces that benefit local development can help them fulfill their social responsibility mission, such as walkable areas, outdoor recreation and other public amenities that help build communities.

03The wave of "big resignations" will continue to push enterprises to pay attention to the diverse needs of talents. The 2021 labor shortage and wave of “big quits” will continue to push companies to rethink their fundamental understanding of talent. Mental health is a new focus. Workplaces will become more flexible and help address issues such as work-life balance, burnout and mental health. The importance of a design that meets the above requirements will also shift from a "best can" to a "must have"

04In the future mixed office model, the importance of pilot space will continue to grow and will not remain the same in the future. Decentralized hybrid workplaces will increase in the coming years, allowing employees to live in lower-cost towns. Optimizing corporate culture in this new hybrid environment will be a daunting challenge that will take decades and will continue to change with the emergence of new communication tools. In light of this, the importance of experimentation is increasing day by day, as is the relevance of pilot spaces.

05New office models are prompting tenants to go beyond traditional architectural preferences when choosing an office space. Faced with the new environment, tenants will tend to choose properties that are flexible, adaptable, and meet their health and well-being needs. Correspondingly, building owners and developers should explore new real estate design strategies to respond to this new market demand and stay ahead of the competition.


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