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Prosperous Birthday, Celebrated by the Whole Nation-73rd anniversary of the founding of PRC

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The Chinese century.

Magnificent river mountain.

Lingering light of the setting sun.

Brilliant Milky Way

I wish my vast country still had a boiling passion!

73 years of hard work.

Carrying the growth and dreams of countless people.

You are like a beacon in the dark.

Illuminate our way forward.

Splendid history and culture,

The picturesque scenery of the mountains and rivers.

A long legendary story,

Everything is your most beautiful pronoun.

If there is a color in the text, it must be Chinese red!

At this moment of national celebration.

Join hands with its media matrix.

Send us full blessings,

May your tomorrow be more prosperous.

Great People's Republic of China.

Happy 73rd birthday!

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