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Product Exception Handling

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If you have the following problems with the manual controller of the electric standing desk, you can try to solve them in the corresponding way.

Serial Number

Abnormal issues





Poor contact between hand controller and control box

1.check whether the hand controller port is intact

2.check whether the silver pin connecting the control box and the hand controller is intact

3.Replace the obviously defective parts in appearance

4.If there are no defective parts in appearance,replace the control box&hand controller


Minimum and maximum limit setting

Limit desk height

Hold the "M" + "﹀" button at the corresponding height for 5 seconds, then you will hear the buzzer sound, indicating that the lowest position is successfully stored.


Cancel height limit/ low limit

Remove restrictions on product height

Press M and the "︿"+"﹀" button together, when hear beeps it means the feature is canceled.


Memory height

Memory required height position

Ascend or descend to your desired height.

Press and hold the M key until show "S–"

Press the "1" key to complete the setting of the first memory.

("2" key and "3"  key are the same as above)


child lock

Lock the product height

Hold"︿"+"﹀"  for 5 seconds at the same time, when the digital tube shows "Loc ",it indicates successful setup


Cancel child lock

Unlock product height

Hold"︿"+"﹀" for 5 seconds at the same time, when the digital tube is displayed from Loc to the normal digital display, indicating that the system has been unlocked.


Internal parameter settings

Internal parameter settings change

By long pressing the M key for 10 seconds, you can enter the setup interface, showing the x-y simultaneously y flashing, where x is the parameter group, and the parameter value corresponding to y . The parameter group can be switched by pressing "SET" and the value of the parameter can be changed by pressing "up" or "down ". Set the parameters by pressing the "M" key for 10 seconds to return to the running interface


Judging defective parts

Cross determination of defective

product components when there are multiple components on the client

1. Switch the motor cable connection M1 and M2

2. See the error code again.

A.If the error code is the same,

replace the control box

B.lf the code is different, for example,

E21 change to E11, replace the lift


3. Confirm which lift column

needs to be replaced.

A.E11-E18 means the column

connected to M1

B.E21-E28 means the column

connected to M2


The height of the column is different and cannot be reset

The height of the column is different and cannot be reset.

1. Turn the desk frame over with the tabeltop facing down;

2. Press and hold the "﹀" button to reset. If it still cannot be reset, while resetting, introduce downward thrust to the defective column to make it reset.

3. If the above operations still cannot be reset, pls replace the column.



Anti-collision protection and sensitivity adjustment

1.Release the button and run again.

2.Refer to the operating manual to adjust the corresponding sensitivity:

① "2-y" and "y" means the the gyroscope has the resistance to stop accuracy,0 means off,1 is the most sensitive and 8 is the most insensitive.;

② "3-y"and“y”means up-current resistance stop accuracy,0 means off,1 is most sensitive and 8 is most insensitive.

③ "4-y" and“y”means the down current meets the stop precision,0 means the off,1 is the most sensitive and 4 is the least sensitive.

④ "5-Y" and "y" indicate the tilt angle of the gyroscope 0 means off,1 is most sensitive and 8 is most insensitive.

Note: Press and hold the “M” for 10 seconds to enter the setup program. After changing the parameters, press and hold the “M” until the display shows the height.

3. If it is still cannot be solved after adjusting,pls replace the column and control box.

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